InStill Daily MeditationsInStill is delighted to offer free online meditations every morning at 8am, with a different teacher each day.

While each 40- to 45-minute session is unique in its own way, they all feature an opportunity to connect with other participants and the teacher.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Mondays: Jessie Benson offers practices to deepen relaxation and foster love and compassion.
  • Tuesdays: Rev. Brad Dulaney leads contemplative prayer—practices rooted in ancient, contemplative Christianity, and branching into the perennial tradition. This silent prayer—open to people of faith and no faith—invites them to find the grace of desert wisdom amid their daily living.
  • Wednesdays: Dr. Alan Forrest shares “heart-smiling” practices designed to help minimize negative emotions toward yourself and others, that foster a mental state of kindness, love, and compassion. The weekly emphasis alternates between gratitude, loving kindness, joy and equanimity.
  • Thursdays: Lori Marsh shares heart-centered practices.
  • Saturdays: Jamie Reygle leads spacious awareness and other heart- and mind-opening practices.
  • Sundays: Elisha Reygle offers graceful, meditative blending of stillness with movement. The body holds space for everything and can be guided into balanced vitality and compassionate acceptance.

Join the Daily Meditations at this Zoom link. RSVP to receive reminders and/or add these to your calendar at this event link.

And please consider giving to InStill so we can keep offering these meditations and much more as we cultivate a mindful world for all.

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