Jamie Reygle

Jamie Reygle, Executive Director

Jamie Reygle, CMT-P (Executive Director) began studying meditation techniques in the late ’90s, and has been practicing mindfulness since 2003. Since then, his interest in mindfulness has led him to teach mindfulness in many settings, including public schools, businesses, independent workshops, and music festivals; staff around a dozen iBme retreats, and write a short book on mindfulness practice called The Unenlightened Buddha. His work history includes much work with disadvantaged youth, music promotion and management, journalism, teaching, and corporate customer service. He has served on the boards of The Wilderness Society, the Queensland Music Industry Association, radio station 2NCR, and Blue Mountain School. Jamie holds a BA in Psychology from Murdoch University, is an IMTA Certified Mindfulness Teacher, a graduate of The School for the Work with Byron Katie, and has completed Level I Focusing training.