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Mindfulness Programs for Businesses, Schools, and Law Enforcement

InStill Mindfulness offers a variety of mindfulness in-person and virtual trainings for organizations in Southwest Virginia and beyond. Whether you are looking to bring mindfulness into your school district, your place of business, or the justice system, we have offerings for you.

InStill Offerings for Organizations

Click the links below to explore our various programs and services for organizations.

We deliver an in-depth mindfulness training program for K-12 professionals. Our InSchools programming has been supported by the Hemera FoundationPure Edge, the Frederick P. Lenz Foundation, and through generous donations.

These two programs are focused on the cultivation of mindfulness for leadership and improved relationships. We specialize in creating tailor-made solutions for any organization.

We are committed to serving all members of our community, and aim to provide mindfulness training opportunities in all areas of the justice system. Learn more about our mindfulness training in the areas of juvenile justice and law enforcement.


“There was so much wonderful material that I will and am going back to daily. I love the small classes.”

Participant, Online Course

“I left our meeting feeling so blessed and so full of gratitude for being able to share space with each one of you. A gift, to be sure.”

Participant, InSpire

“I appreciated so many things: the expertise of the leaders, the loving supportive community created, the variety of approaches and exercises related to mindfulness, and the wealth of resources to which you are connecting us.”

Participant, Online Course

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