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Cultivating a mindful world for all.

Cultivating a mindful world for all.

Experience each moment like the gift it truly is.

A mindful world for all.

InStill Mindfulness is a nonprofit organization based in Pulaski, Virginia. Through education, action, and community we seek to cultivate a mindful world for all. We have a wide variety of mindfulness programs for individuals, businesses, and schools in Southwest Virginia and beyond.

Mindfulness for Individuals

InStill Online Community, InSpire Mindfulness Gatherings, and more

Mindfulness for Businesses

InSupport Mindfulness Based Leadership Program

Mindfulness for Schools

InSchools MindEd Program for K-12 Professionals

“This platform is amazing. This is a precious resource for a peaceful world.”

“I like how it is helping me to be more thoughtful in my thinking about others and myself as well.”
Participant, InSchools Program
“This has opened my eyes to how very important mindfulness is to life.”
Participant, InStill Retreat

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InStill is fostering an engaged community of mindfulness practitioners of all levels of experience who each, in their own way, contribute to cultivating a mindful world for all. When you join our online community, you will have instant access to dozens of live guided practices, courses, interest groups, and more, and almost everything is free to participate in.


Your support helps us bring mindfulness to K-12 professionals, law enforcement officers, prisoners, and many other populations who stand to benefit from a more mindful experience of the world. As they develop their skills, many of the people they come into contact with stand to benefit as well.

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