“You are the “real” deal.”

“I found him to be incredibly present, insightful in his questioning, patient, and most of all, I trusted him to go deeper in myself. The outcome of my session with him, was realizing that I Am Enough – awesome!! Thank you Jamie…for your incredible work.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for coming in our class room and spending your time with my class by teaching me and my class how we can concentrate and calm ourselves down. By you doing that about half way through my SOLs I took a breath like you said and I passed them. So thank you so much for what you’ve done.”

“Your heart, your warmth, your smile. Endless questioning of all assumptions. Going right for the heart of it all.”

“I really miss you coming to our class room. I learned a lot from you….PS: You’re the best, Mr. Reygle.”

“It is changing my life already. It’s a great way to address your life and find the truth. You will be surprised and emancipated!”

“I am so happy that you taught me those brain relaxers. I used them during every SOL and got a good score on all of them….Thank you.”

“You are a wonderful ray of sunshine. I really enjoyed having your wisdom…because you asked the tough questions and pushed us to really dig deeper into our emotions while also keeping the mood light by not taking yourself so seriously. You said some wise things that I will be marinating in for a while. Thank you for being here.”

“I’m so glad you got to be here. Oh yeah, one more thing, THANK YOU!!!”

“You are the best!! Really, you are incredibly gifted and intelligent, and you are compassionate. I am so grateful for having an opportunity to work with you.”

“Watching you joke / give serious, deep advice and love is such a lesson for us all.”

“Mr. Reygle has done a great job implementing the program. The students have been very engaged in lessons and not only seem to enjoy them, but many have actually voiced their enjoyment to me.”

“Thank you for being so playful and also for being able to drop down and get serious when need be. So awesome to work with you.”