The Unenlightened Buddha

The Unenlightened Buddha - A Secular Take on the Buddha's TeachingsWe’re all unenlightened Buddhas, but everything must pass. The Unenlightened Buddha is a secular interpretation of some of the Buddha’s teachings, that is relevant for life in the ‘real’ world.

What they’re saying about The Unenlightened Buddha:

“I loved it so much that I have printed a copy out so I can read it easily when I want to. I could feel peacefulness arising as I read it, and compassion for myself and my erratic  thoughts and feelings.”  – Trish Reynolds, author of Tricia’s Song


“I think it is stunning – it is so accessible and clear and gently provocative of debate and so absolutely not preachy.” – Megan Halbert, CYF Liaison Social Worker


“It makes me happy.” – Stefi Schafer, Preschool Teacher
“Really good.” – Brayden, High School Student

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