Weekly Mindfulness Classes

Falcon Gallery at the Floyd Center for the Arts
The Falcon Gallery

Floyd Center for the Arts, 220 Parkway Ln S, Floyd
Tuesdays, 5:30pm-7:00pm

At the end of a busy day, sometimes we could use help to wind down. Mindfulness has been shown to relieve stress and anxiety, and to reinvigorate tired minds and bodies, so is an excellent antidote to the stressors of our lives.

We are dedicated to sharing the benefits of mindfulness with as many people, and in as many ways as possible. To help achieve this goal, we are holding Weekly Mindfulness Classes on Tuesdays at 5:30pm, in the Falcon Gallery at the Floyd Center for the Arts.

Encompassed with regularly changing displays, The Falcon Gallery provides a wonderful space to practice mindfulness, in classes taught by seasoned teachers presenting an eclectic blend of styles and techniques.

Purchase your punch card below. The schedule is as follows:

Date Class
Swede McBroom Tuesday, November 7 Swede McBroom leads an introduction to Eknath Easwaran’s eight-point program of passage meditation, which is meditation based on memorization of Scripture or prayers from all major spiritual practices.
Miranda Mauldon Tuesday, November 14 Miranda Mauldon leads a boundary-breaking and self-exploratory loving-kindness meditation class, with exercises to calm the mind and open the heart, followed by a meditation on loving-kindness for self and all others.
Mel Crumb Tuesday, November 21 Mel Crumb leads a guided water meditation aimed at developing presence and greater connection with the self.
Jamie Reygle Tuesday, November 28 Jamie Reygle leads an introduction to walking meditation, in which participants will be offered more fulfilling ways to walk in the world.
Tommy Bailey Tuesday, Dedember 5 Tommy Bailey presents Minding the Gap, a meditation technique that uses awareness of breath to help develop deeper concentration.
Angela Cardenas Tuesday, December 12 Angela Cardenas leads participants in exploring and experiencing several gratitude practices, focusing attention on the abundance we have in our lives.
Jamie Reygle Tuesday, December 19 Jamie Reygle leads meditations focusing on the senses, to help develop a greater awareness of all the present moment can entail.


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