Weekly Mindfulness Classes

Weekly Mindfulness Classes

Falcon Gallery
Floyd Center for the Arts, 220 Parkway Ln S, Floyd
Tuesdays, 5:30pm-7:00pm

With so much going on, it can sometimes be hard to keep a commitment. At InStill, we know exactly how that feels, so we’re introducing a program that allows you to commit when you can.

Unlike many similar programs, you are under no obligation to attend all of our Weekly Mindfulness Classes. Instead, you can purchase a punchcard that enables you to attend only when you are able.

We remain dedicated to sharing the benefits of mindfulness with as many people, and in as many ways as possible. To help achieve this goal, we are presenting a great range of teachers sharing many different techniques in plenty of interesting ways. We’re adding more all the time, so keep an eye on the schedule, below.

Purchase your punchcard below. You can purchase eight classes for $60, three for $30, or just come for one and pay $15.

*Weather policy: If Floyd County Public Schools have announced a closing, we will advise whether we are proceeding with the class on our Facebook page, and will also email all punchcard holders we have addresses for. If you have any doubt about a class occurring, please check on Facebook.*

Date Class
Angela Cardenas Tuesday, February 20 Playfulness ~ Angela Cardenas helps you engage your inner-child & experience how playfulness can enhance your mindfulness practice. Young children can be our greatest teachers of mindfulness!
Doro Kiley Tuesday, February 27 Loving Kindness ~ Doro Kiley leads a session on loving kindness, providing plenty of opportunity to find compassion for yourself and others.
Tommy Bailey Tuesday, March 13 Meditation for Beginners ~ Tommy Bailey leads Meditation for Beginners. Learn to meditate in 2018! Participants will learn the fundamentals of mindfulness meditation through breath, body sensations and sounds.
Jamie Reygle Tuesday, March 20 Everyday Mindfulness ~ Jamie Reygle shares a range of mindfulness-based strategies you can implement throughout your day, whenever the time is right.
Sandy Jahmi Burg Tuesday, March 27 Relationships ~ Sandy Jahmi Burg leads Relationship as a Facilitator of Change, dipping into some of the key body awareness skills that facilitate change within us. From beginner to intermediate, the process meets you there. All you need is to be interested and curious and your body itself will guide you forward.
Jennifer Makin Tuesday, April 3 Centering Prayer ~ Jennifer Makin leads an introduction to Centering Prayer, which is a Christian prayer practice designed to facilitate contemplation – the opening of our whole being, heart, mind and heart – to God, the Ultimate Mystery, beyond thoughts, words, and emotions.
Jagadisha Rotella Tuesday, April 10 Mindfulness through Music ~ Jagadisha Rotella leads mindfulness through music (Nada Yoga). Experience what it’s like to stay in the present moment while the music is moving forward.
Roshi Ellen Birx Tuesday, April 24 Mindfulness in Zen ~ Roshi Ellen Birx of the New River Zen Community leads an introduction to Zen meditation, with a particular emphasis on its deep-seated connection with mindfulness.


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